Teamwork is at the core of everything we do. Collaboration and full participation ensures that we meet our own goals and serve our clients better.

Through our people we achieve success and serve our clients better. We provide resources and incentives to help employees grow personally and professionally. We believe that people are the heart of our firm, and we are committed to rewarding people commensurate with the value they contribute.


ABOUT Robert Bernagène

Robert Bernagène is IGSS Services co-founder and CEO. He is focused on positioning IGSS Services  as the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders by creating an outstanding client experience, enhancing the firm’s focus on the middle market, empowering teams of passionate professionals.

Since creating IGSS Services in 1993.  Robert and his leadership team have successfully provided excellent customer service to over tens of thousand, customers in the community, and abroad. Over the years, Robert has grown the firm’s revenue has and enhanced its profitability. He is currently working to IGSS Services, and opening in other locations all around the US.