World Class Performance

About Us

Good work and a history of doing it.  


For 25 years IGSS Services has been working in the same community. The company was started in 1993 by three brothers who had the basic ambition of working together and building a lasting business. They set their sights on flatbush and have been there since. In the time that IGSS Services has been running, they’ve completed tens of thousands of tax returns and have assisted in thousands of people acquiring and maintaining legal citizen status. The original business model was simply to do taxes, but they quickly adjusted to the small but intricate needs of the community IGSS Services was in, doing passport photos, and resume services, translations, and even basic printing needs. They have created community programs in math tutoring, ESL classes, they have also run a legal citizenship drive, in which once a month the community was invited to come and inquire about achieving  legal status for free.


We push our clients forward and we allow them to return the favor.


When your taxes are done well you have a greater chance of earning a bit more.

When you earn a bit more you save a bit more.

When you save a bit more you invest.

When those investments do you it time to own a house or business.

We are with you every step of the way, when you grow we grow.