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Our History and Legacy

Welcome to the captivating journey of I.G.S.S. Services—a family-founded legacy that transcends borders, creating ripples of impact in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and beyond. Join us as we weave through decades of dreams realized, resilience, and community empowerment.

Founded in 1993 by Robert, Jean-Claude Sr., and Reginald Bernagene, immigrants from Haiti, I.G.S.S. Services embodies the essence of the American dream. What began as a humble tax-focused endeavor soon blossomed into a multifaceted community haven, addressing diverse needs with a personal touch.

Our Roots: A Tale of Three Brothers and the American Dream

In the vibrant 90s, I.G.S.S. Services went beyond financial services. Picture this: phone booths selling minutes for families to connect with loved ones back home. Fast forward, and the Bernagene family became pillars in aiding refugees' journey to legal status, assisting in job placements through expertly crafted resumes, and even offering after-school tutoring programs.

Beyond Finances: Tailoring Solutions for Every Need

As the years unfolded, so did the services. Tax season became an opportunity for clients not just to file but to strategically plan their financial future. From securing apartments to guiding dreams of homeownership, I.G.S.S. Services stands as a beacon for those seeking holistic solutions.

Seeding Success: Tax Planning, Homeownership, and More

Enter Jean-Claude Bernagene II, a torchbearer of the family legacy. From childhood days contributing to the family business to community tutoring, he embodies the commitment to education and community enrichment—a testament to the enduring values of I.G.S.S. Services.

A New Chapter in Legacy

The 90s brought challenges, notably during the Haitian Operation at Guantanamo Bay, where Robert Bernagene's resilience defined I.G.S.S. Services' commitment beyond borders. Today, the business is a mosaic of growth, diversity, and unwavering dedication to community and excellence.

Global Commitments, Local Roots: A Canvas of Diversity

Join us in celebrating 25 years of dreams realized and communities empowered. I.G.S.S. Services isn't just a business; it's a lifeline, offering solutions that transcend financial transactions. From phone booths to legal assistance, job placements to tax planning, we're more than a service—we're your partners in success.

Celebrate 25 Years with Us: Your Story is Our Story

Your Journey Continues with I.G.S.S. Services

Ready to script the next chapter in your journey? At I.G.S.S. Services, we’re not just unlocking doors; we’re creating pathways to elevate your dreams. Explore, empower, and elevate with us. Your story is our inspiration, and the best is yet to come.