World Class Performance



Shanika Saint Louis

“I’m proud to say that my confidence comes from leaning on a company with 25 years of solid relentless good work in a community that really needs it.”  

Shanika is currently studying criminal justice at Laguardia College. She is fluent in Haitian creole and french and is a Youth Leader at St. Jerome Church. Started I.G.S.S. Services in 2011 as an office secretary, her hard work and attention to detail quickly changed her job description. She is now managing accounts, working on immigration needs and preparing taxes. She says…

I expected a regular assistant job, front desk answering the phone and filing paperwork, but quickly I was asked and encouraged to learn the work. Confidence and trust are the roots of the work it’s how the job is measured, this work is immigration work, so many of our customers are either worried or misinformed, so we have to educated them as well as work on their cases.

James C. Roman
“ We are helping people, we are giving them peace of mind, taxes and immigration work both come with a bit of anxiety, we have to do more than just good work”

James grew up in LasCahobas, Haiti, he studied Chemistry at Chem Teq university in Haiti, he is fluent in English, French, and  Creole. James is an avid reader and currently building a small library with a collection of business, self help and psychology and fiction books. James started working at I.G.S.S. Services in 2015, he prides himself on being a fast learner who produces great work and provides warm customer service. He says…

I took tax classes, but the true learning started once I started working here. There is a lot of joy attached to this work, especially the immigration work, you see the fruits of the work, especially when we help a client bring a family member over from another country, and often they bring that person by and in that moment we see the work we’ve done. You can’t put a number on customer satisfaction, I guess you can always count who is satisfied and who isn’t, but truly you just get a feeling, they return and you know you’ve done good work.

Ulrick Dorgelous
“The main goal is to have this business embrace as many  people as possible”

Ulrick grew up in Petionville, Haiti, but spend much of his early childhood in France, he is well traveled and is fluent in spanish, french, and haitian creole. He studied Communications/Interpreting  at Quesya university in Haiti and psychology in Utesa in the Dominican Republic. He started in 2014 joining I.G.S.S. Services not knowing what to expect but wanting to play a part in the company’s community impact. Hey says…

The best first impression is understanding, people are coming in and very often they just need information. I want us to engage this community more, we don’t measure our work in profit we measure it in impact, and for us to have a great impact we have to reach more people.   

Sony Lafleur

“Everyone has become a family and the environment is also very much like a school”

Sony grew up in Gonaives Haiti, studied law at Faculte de Droit et des Sciences Economiques de Gonaives , Sony is fluent in french and creole. He joined the team at I.G.S.S. in 2016, working at the front desk as an office assistant. He says…

I’m not cornered and overworked, I’ve been given the change to provide for  myself with true direction. I feel supported both through the guidance and encouragement, but also I’m given the resources to be better at what I do. It never feels like I have coworkers but brothers and sisters. With 25 years of experience we wouldn’t be able to remain here and do this work if we didn’t put our clients first, our business model is people first profits second, and this has been our focus in servicing the community.