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Certified and Notarized Official Document Translation

New York is a cosmopolitan city. Living in the Big Apple brings us to meet all types of people from different nations, cultures, and languages. That is why we at I.G.S.S. Services have understood the need to provide a document translation service to facilitate the integration of foreign nationals wishing to settle in our community.

I.G.S.S. Services certified and notarized translations of official foreign and local certificates. Part of our notarizing process is a certificate of accuracy, and we guarantee that they comply with legal, Immigration, INS or USCIS, educational, local and foreign authorities’ requirements. We’ve provided hundreds of professionals and students with complete and certified translations that have assisted them with such things as: entering universities, real estate sales closings, obtaining citizenship, winning legal cases for a law firm, hospitals communicating their services to non-English speaking patients, and more…

I.G.S.S Services is confident we can meet your need for quality affordable translation services. So, whether you’re a student that needs some educational transcripts translated and certified or a law firm with a high volume, multiple language translation projects that is due immediately; we have the resources, the know-how, and the talent to get the work done in an accurate and professional manner. Getting your documents translated by I.G.S.S. Services is easy and cost effective.

Those are the languages we translate:

  • French to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Creole to English
  • English to Spanish
  • English to Creole
  • English to French
  • Spanish to Creole
  • French to Creole
  • French to Spanish
  • Creole to French
  • Creole to Spanish
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